The President of the United States of America takes pleasure in presenting the Navy Cross to Lance Corporal Patrick Gallagher (MCSN: 2170557), United States Marine Corps, for extraordinary heroism as an ammunition carrier in a machine-gun team with Company H, Second Battalion, Fourth Marines, THIRD Marine Division (Reinforced), Fleet Marine Force, near Cam Lo, Republic of Vietnam, in the early morning of 18 July 1966.
The company was set in defensive positions at 0145, when enemy soldiers who had infiltrated the area threw a grenade into the position which Lance Corporal Gallagher and three other Marines were manning. Lance Corporal Gallagher, awake and displaying keen presence of mind, immediately kicked the grenade out of the position where it exploded at a safe distance. Another enemy grenade followed and landed in the position between two of his comrades. Without hesitation, in a valiant act of self-sacrifice, Lance Corporal Gallagher threw himself upon the deadly grenade in order to absorb the explosion and save the lives of his comrades. The other three Marines moved to safety while two other grenades landed in the position and exploded, miraculously injuring no one.
Lance Corporal Gallagher's Squad Leader then ordered him to throw the grenade into the nearby river where it exploded upon hitting the water. Through his extraordinary heroism and inspiring valor in the face of almost certain death, he saved his comrades from probable injury and possible loss of life. His daring actions were in keeping with the highest traditions of the Marine Corps and the United States Naval Service.

From a humble conversation, a movement began and took on the character of a young man from Ballyhaunis, Co. Mayo. Driven by a need to share Patrick Gallagher's story, to remember his courageous actions and to remind all of us here that a life given in service to others is a life that must be remembered. 

So many individual efforts made this a joyful & optimistic cause, celebrated by our communities in Mayo, Long Island, PA, NYC, California and virtually around the world. We look forward to the next phase, hearing iron being molded, and watching together as them future Patrick Gallagher, goes to sea!

   Please help us to spread the word about this project through your social media contacts.  


   We hope to generate 18,250 signatures for our petition over the coming year, one for each DAY that has passed since his death fifty years ago. 


(This paragraph has been updated thanks only to the to the keen observation skills, the courage to go above and beyond, and his own willingness to risk being rebuffed or worse ignored to take a stand and alert this website that there was a typo indicating "year" instead of "day" in the sentence.  Through his selfless action MR. DAVID WALSH of Athy has saved visitors to our site from being confused as to the original intent of launching our petition, and he should be applauded for ensuring immediate action to rectify the error by ending his message pointing out our error with the somewhat omnious  "I will be watching" So this is both a public apology for our error, and our commendation for Mr David Walsh' community spirit for his effort to ensure a typo-free iweb. .  Thanks Dave!

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