From a humble conversation, a movement began and took on the character of a young man from Ballyhaunis, Co. Mayo. Driven by a need to share Patrick Gallagher's story, to remember his courageous actions and to remind all of us here that a life given in service to others is a life that must be remembered. 

So many individual efforts made this a joyful & optimistic cause, celebrated by our communities in Mayo, Long Island, PA, NYC, California and virtually around the world. We look forward to the next phase, hearing iron being molded, and watching together as them future Patrick Gallagher, goes to sea!

   Please help us to spread the word about this project through your social media contacts.  


   We hope to generate 18,250 signatures for our petition over the coming year, one for each DAY that has passed since his death fifty years ago. 


(This paragraph has been updated thanks only to the to the keen observation skills, the courage to go above and beyond, and his own willingness to risk being rebuffed or worse ignored to take a stand and alert this website that there was a typo indicating "year" instead of "day" in the sentence.  Through his selfless action MR. DAVID WALSH of Athy has saved visitors to our site from being confused as to the original intent of launching our petition, and he should be applauded for ensuring immediate action to rectify the error by ending his message pointing out our error with the somewhat omnious  "I will be watching" So this is both a public apology for our error, and our commendation for Mr David Walsh' community spirit for his effort to ensure a typo-free iweb. .  Thanks Dave!

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Thank You America! March 12th, 2018

It was on this day, 50 years after Patrick's death in action in VietNam, that the US Navy directed that DDG127 be named USS PATRICK GALLAGHER in honor of Cpl Patrick "Bob" Gallagher

       The announcement came following a public campaign and petition to the Secretary of the Navy to name a ship in Bob's honor remembering a young Irishman, US Marine, American Hero, who died in service to his adopted country at the young age of 23.  This website was the basis for communicating Patrick's story to the world, collecting media mentions, offering links as resources to journalists and activists spreading our intention and goal to achieve the naming within the year which marked the 50th anniversary of his loss to his family and our country. 

The Gallagher family, surviving siblings, nephews and nieces, are humbly grateful for everyone's effort to remember Bob, to recognize his loss and to create a fitting memorial which will remind generations to come of his courageous service to our nation. Ten thousand petitioners shared his story, advocated on his behalf and encouraged others to do the same. Uniting neighbors on both sides of the Atlantic, and coast to coast here in America, comrades and veterans, fraternal societies and community leaders at all levels from Village Mayors to Congressional Representatives & Senators. We are in debt to all who voluntarily labored without spotlight or attention, in meeting halls, on social media, letter writing campaigns and encouraging national media to share the objective. Thank You America & God Speed All Who Will Serve Aboard USS GALLAGHER!

Senator Schumer (NY) makes announcement, shares with Gallagher family & Supporters and briefs Ireland's Taoiseach Valadkar

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Gen Westmoreland congratulates Bob Gallagher on Navy Cross award

Mid West Radio speaks with Peter Galagher Apr 3, 2017

Gallagher Family with Commemoration Plaque

50Th Anniversary Memorial Gathering 

Family, Community and Supporters, March 30, 2017 - Click for Additional Pictures - 


Having reached our initial goal of 10,000 supporters on our petition we have begun approaching our local elected representatives requesting that they endorse our request to the Secretary of the Navy, so when additional destroyer class ships are appropriated they will consider naming one in Patrick Gallagher's honor. 

We are pleased to share the following letters of endorsement :

                Congresswoman Rice                            Commander Nealon                         Mayor William J Hendrick

                NYS Rep Brian Curran                            US Senator Schumer                       US Rep Eliot L. Engel

                NYS Senator Jeffrey D. Klein